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Had a holiday here in 1947 with my mother before being sent out to school in Rhodesia. We stayed at the Abbey. Only remember two things caught a spanish mackerel and after asking insentient questions was told by a stranger that he painted the black strips on bullseye sweets ! So forever Tresco has been linked with bullseye sweets.
Would love to retrace my steps but Aust is too far away. Cheers .
Sunday July 5 2009 05:16:34 - Tarkeeth.NSW. Australia.

Love the site!
It must have taken ages to make...
Thank you!
Monday June 22 2009 21:29:41

Anna P.
Very nice site, enjoyed the panoramas and the sounds too! Brings back very happy memories of this beautiful place.
Saturday June 20 2009 17:58:55 - UK

Welcome to the Tresco 360 Guestbook!
I hope you like the site.
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Saturday June 20 2009 13:15:40 - UK

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