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March 2010: Boarding the helicopter -one of the noisiest things you'll ever do.

February 2010: The golden sun is rising over the Eastern Isles. A new day on Tresco has begun. The first person on the beach, you listen to the pair of Oyster Catchers on Rushy Porth.

January 2010: Rock pools at Blockhouse Point - spend a few minutes enjoying the sound of the waves sloshing against the rocks.

December 2009: Heliport Operations - there is no peace like the peace after the departure of a Sikorsky S61.

November 2009: Rain drops keep falling on my head -it's not always perfect weather on Tresco.

October 2009: It's time for a stroll along the beach...
(listen to the sounds of footsteps along the soft, white sand)

September 2009: Peace interrupted on Pentle Bay
(the arrival of a familiar visitor)

August 2009: Sea gulls above Gimble Porth
(some sea gulls are disturbed by a strange man with a microphone)

July 2009: An afternoon on Green Porth
(listen to some waves, some sea gulls and a boat)

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